Ball Launcher

Consistent Training. Grassroots to Pro.

"Your players will get better quicker!"

Delivering a ball to players accurately and consistently is one of the toughest challenges of coaching. It’s a fact that less than 1 in 10 balls arrive where they should in a normal training environment, and this leads to lost time and frustrations.

Ball Launcher can deliver over 200 precisely placed balls every hour without injury, without fatigue and without excuses – and it never turns up late or forgets its boots!

Ball Launcher’s size, weight, performance and affordability puts it in a class of its own. It’s an unparalleled “must have” for any coaching team serious about improving the performance of its players and squads.

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Home Ball Launcher moving

The Ball Launcher

Ball Launcher - Football Launcher


Ball Launcher has been designed with affordability in mind for all clubs, academies and players. From the start, our goal has been to create the very highest of quality, at the lowest possible consumer price.

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Suitable for all

Ball Launcher is suitable for all ages and abilities from Grassroots up to Pro level. It can help bring the best out of keepers and outfield players alike in multiple training scenarios such as finishing, crossing, set pieces, first touch & control and countless dedicated keeper routines.

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Home Ball Launcher


Coaches and players can now take advantage of over 200 accurate ball deliveries an hour. Ball Launcher enables players to get better quicker by enhancing training density and allows coaches to focus on coaching, not kicking.

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Lightweight & Easy to transport

Ball Launcher is made from ultra lightweight materials and has been designed to fit seamlessly into the boot of a small family car for transportation. It can be set up and ready to fire balls within just one minute of arriving at training.

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Tech Specs



Designed to deliver balls from 5mph to over 65mph+

3 Ball Sizes

3 Ball Sizes

Accepts and delivers ball sizes 3, 4 and 5 with quick adjustment


Elevation and Rotation

Minus 10 degrees to plus 35 degrees plus rotational aiming



Topspin dips, Backspin chips, curling in-swingers or out-swingers and Knuckleballs



The highest quality aluminium profiles, rubbers and high grade plastics are used in manufacture



Low voltage (12v) and CE certified (must be used under adult supervision).



Designed to resist anything that British weather can throw it. No paint and no rust!

+6h Battery

Battery Life

At least 5 hours’ autonomy on a single charge (larger batteries available)

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