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Welcome to Ball Launcher, we provide innovative football machines that will supercharge the way your players train and perform. With a range of football launchers to choose from, you can replicate every type of delivery any player or coach could ask for.  With Ball Launcher deliveries are not only precise, they are game realistic.

And because of the launcher's flexibility and ease of use, ball delivery can be changed in no time at all. Accepting ball sizes 3, 4 and 5 means that our machines can work with any age or ability. From youngsters at grass roots levels up to the seasoned pro looking to stay on top of their game. 

The videos below help to show our range of Ball Launching machines in action. You can see more product details including price and the different capabilities here. 



Delivering a football accurately and consistently is one of the toughest challenges of coaching. Quite simply misplaced balls, fatigue and a lack of quality leads to lost time, frustration and slower development.

Our range of Ball Launcher machines can deliver over 200 accurately placed balls every hour without injury, without fatigue and without excuses – session after session.

The size, weight, performance and affordability of our football machines, puts them in a class of their own. Ball Launcher is an unparalleled must have for any coaching team serious about improving the performance of its players and squads. From grass roots to Premier League pros, all are benefiting from our football launchers.



Ball Launcher has been designed to not only deliver world class deliveries, but ease of use.

All of our Ball Launcher machines are made from quality lightweight materials and you can comfortably go from car to Ball Launching in just 2 minutes.

Once on the training pitch it is easy to operate and can be set up for use in seconds, providing quality and reliable ball service time after time. 

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