Deliver 200+ Balls an Hour
For Every Player. Every Level.
Easy to Transport


There are many benefits to our range of industry leading machines including the ability to improve your training & players in record time. Ball Launcher is not designed to replace or de-value any coach or coaching method, but rather it is built to enhance them, to live alongside your coaching environment and elevate it to a level that cannot be matched.



The immense benefits a ball launching machine can bring to any squad are clear, but until now these quality types of machines have been un-affordable for most.

In developing Ball Launcher we identified “affordability” as a key part of the design process alongside offering performance and quality. By making our high performing machine affordable for almost every club, academy, soccer school, coach or parent globally, we would like to believe that we can help influence the quality of training. 

Our goal was to build a range of machines that were not only performant, easy to use and reliable, but could all be acquired through direct purchase or with the additional support of sponsors. 

We believe that our range of football launchers are the most quality and performant ball machines available for the price in the world.


Speeding up the development of individual players or improving as a team in record time are just the start of the story. Coaches can choose to build sessions around the Ball Launcher allowing them to validate the ability or improvement of players without having to make any allowances for inaccurate ball delivery. Ball Launcher can provide an increase of over 200% in training density creating reduced downtime and better performance.

Repetition and consistency are the keys to improving any athlete’s performance. Good player technique for example can turn a draw into a winning game or save from defeat, but how many players have the skill or confidence to apply this technique to a match play scenario? Ball Launcher makes it easy to build skills and players’ confidence because they can hone their techniques to perfection. This is possible in not only an efficient way, but whilst being interactive and fun too. We don't see mishits or mistakes in training as failure, we seem them as opportunities to grow, develop and be ready for match day.  

Ball Launcher does the hard work for coaches allowing them to maintain focus on improving skills and team strategies. With consistent ball delivery guaranteed, coaches are free to get the very best out of their squads. Ball Launcher can also help prevent against creating or aggravating coaching staff injury associated with regular ball delivery.

Easy to Transport

Through direct experience we are acutely aware of the issues that many coaches suffer in getting to and from training venues with all the required equipment. Once bibs, balls, cones and kits are included, space is often at a premium.

Our compact and lightweight Ball Launchers can fit comfortably into the boot of a small family car for transportation. 

We have designed our Ball Launchers to be a ‘plug and play’ machine, it takes less than one minute to remove the machine from a vehicle and plug in and deliver a ball. Not everyone has access to a secure lock up or storage facility to keep equipment pitch side and it is with this in mind that we have created our machines.

Suitable for All

Versatility was an important factor in the design process of our range of Ball Launcher machines. This is because we know that coaches are often called upon to teach at different levels of ability. All of our machines can deliver ball sizes 3, 4 and 5 and offer a range of maximum ball exit speeds from 30mph up to 80mph. 

Whether used to provide goalkeeper training, hone first touch skills , finishing or validate a set piece strategy for an entire team, Ball Launcher can easily flex to the training needs of each and every training session.

With every essential ball delivery catered for, Ball Launcher can replicate any game scenario a coach could imagine.

Boys, girls, men and women of all ages abilities and playing positions can benefit from our machine's ability to provide all ball deliveries found from Grassroots up to Professional level.