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Ball Launcher Pro

Football Launcher
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A fully tested, quality assured and safety certified Ball Launcher football machine consisting of:

  • 1 x Ball Launcher Pro machine.
  • 1 x rechargeable battery providing up to 4 hours battery life.
  • 1 x battery charger.
  • 1 x microfibre towel.
  • Detailed online and downloadable instruction manual.

This will enable you to do the following: 

  • Manually launch size 3, 4 and 5 footballs at a speed of up to 80mph. 
  • Apply left, right, top, back spin and knuckleball. 
  • Launch balls at any height between -10 and +50 degrees. 
  • Launch balls in any direction 360 degrees. 
  • Launch balls up to 55 yards in distance. 
  • Transport easily between locations in the boot of a small family car. 


Please note it is not possible to ship the Ball Launcher Pro machine to the USA or China. Orders will not be fulfilled to these locations. However, it is possible to ship all other Ball Launcher models to the USA. 

We also advise you to read the Ball Launcher FAQs section to help with your knowledge.  


For and in depth look at what Ball Launcher can do and how it will elevate your training, our videos below are a must watch.


  • Height: 850mm
  • Width: 470mm
  • Length (with removable handle): 1200mm
  • Length (without removable handle): 630mm
  • Weight (incl. battery): 42kg
  • Speed Speed
    Designed to deliver balls from 5mph to 80mph.
  • 3 Ball Sizes 3 Ball Sizes
    Accepts and delivers ball sizes 3, 4 and 5 with quick adjustment.
  • Elevation & Rotation Elevation & Rotation
    Minus 10 degrees to plus 35 degrees plus rotational aiming.
  • Spins Spins
    Topspin, backspin, left & right spin and knuckleballs.
  • Materials Materials
    The highest quality aluminium profiles, rubbers and plastics are used in manufacture.
  • Safety Safety
    Low voltage (12v) and CE certified. 
  • Weatherproof Weatherproof
    Designed to resist anything that British weather can throw at it.  No paint and no rust!
  • Battery Life Battery Life
    Up to 4 hours of battery life before each recharge. 

The videos below help to show the range of Ball Launcher machines available in action. Please be sure to check the 'Product Details' tab to see the contents of each Ball Launcher product or package before purchasing. 

Is it possible to order and ship ALL Ball Launcher models to the USA?

We are able to and regularly do ship Ball Launcher Trainer machine models to the US successfully, but we cannot ship the Ball Launcher Pro model to the US currently. Orders for the Ball Launcher Pro Machine to the US will not be fulfilled. 

Does a battery and charger pack come with my Ball Launcher machine?

Yes, 1 x battery and charger pack is included as standard. 

Are Ball Launcher products made with quality?

Yes, absolutely. All our of products are always built to last, only using the strongest, most durable and finest lightweight materials for manufacture in our UK based factory. Our products have been created by experienced and highly skilled engineers and personnel. 

Is the Ball Launcher machine easy to operate and transport?

Our Ball Launchers have all been designed to be set up for use in seconds and with the controls being easily understandable for all types of customers ranging from coaches to players and parents. They are also easily transportable from location to location in a small family car. 

The Ball Launcher Trainer machine requires two people, one at each end, when lifting off the ground. For example, moving in and out of a vehicle. The Ball Launcher Pro machine separates into smaller parts and therefore can be lifted by one person. 

Can I use Ball Launcher in all weather conditions?

Ball Launcher has been effectively designed to resist anything that extreme weather can throw at it in terms of 'no rust' and all electronic components sealed safely. In wet conditions however, it is advisable to use a towel to quickly dry the balls before entering into the machine to ensure maximum performance. We do not recommend using the Ball Launcher in lightning or thunder storms.

How do I know my Ball Launcher machine is safe?

Our Ball Launcher has been CE certified with all necessary safety considerations implemented. We advise that children do not operate the machine and adult supervision is required at all times whilst the Ball Launcher is in use. We have applied safety stickers and warning notes on the device to advise of the main risks.

Is there a warranty period?

We provide a comprehensive 12 month warranty for replacement of any faulty parts. Please see the Delivery and Returns section for complete details. Naturally, we do not cover misuse or general wear and tear and do not offer returns on used items.

Does my order come with an Instruction Manual and guidance?

Yes, a detailed instruction manual with pictorial guidance included comes with every Ball Launcher machine. This is accessed and downloaded from our online folder at purchase.

Do I have to assemble anything when the product arrives? 

There is no assembly required for the Ball Launcher Pro machine. However, if you have ordered the Ball Feeder for the Ball Launcher Trainer machine , this comes flat packed with easy to follow assembly instructions and the required fasteners.

Will I need to purchase anything else to use my Ball Launcher machine? 

Your order will come with everything you need to be able to use your Ball Launcher machine apart from a 'UK plug adaptor' which you will need to purchase for your country of residence. These are easily available and cheap to buy online and will allow you to easily charge the Ball Launcher using the battery charger that we supply with your order. 

What is the main difference between the Ball Launcher Trainer machine and the Ball Launcher Pro machine?

The main differences between our Ball Launcher Trainer machine models and the Ball Launcher Pro machine is the speed and spin capability and remote controlled automatic ball feeding.

The Ball Launcher Pro machine has a top speed of 80mph, whereas the new Ball Launcher machine has a standard speed of 30mph, and a top speed of 55mph when the optional Launch Speed Boost Plug In is inserted. For context, the average speed of shot in the English premier league is 55 - 60mph. 

The Ball Launcher Pro machine provides the ability to put any type of spin on the ball including top, back and side spin, whereas the Ball Launcher Trainer machine provides left and right spin.

The Ball Launcher Trainer machine comes with remote control and automatic ball feeding features, where as the Ball Launcher Pro machine is manually operated. It is our intention in the future to introduce an automatic ball feeder for the Pro machine also.  

On the Ball Launcher Trainer machine, why is the maximum ball speed 30mph without the Launch Speed Boost Plug In inserted, and 55mph with it inserted?  

This is designed to act as a restricting safety feature and also to offer customers the ability to opt for extra speed if they wish. We have conducted factory and field testing to conclude that 30mph is typically a safe maximum ball speed for children up to 10 years of age to train with under adult supervision. Typically, players above this age can train with higher ball speeds.  

Is VAT or Import Duties applicable on purchases?

Yes, we are VAT registered company (No. 226 1065 40). UK purchases incur VAT, international purchases from our website do not incur VAT.

The customer is responsible for any Import Duties or Local Taxes on international purchases. 

How do I become a distributor?

Please visit our page here for further information.

How can I pay for my Ball Launcher?

We accept all major cards and Paypal (except American Express).

UK Delivery

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  • Please note. We are able to and regularly do ship Ball Launcher Trainer machine models to the US successfully, but we cannot ship the Ball Launcher Pro model to the US currently. Orders for the Ball Launcher Pro Machine will not be fulfilled

Every launcher comes with a free 12 month component warranty which covers:

  • Failure of all mechanical components
  • Failure of all electronic components
  • If upon receipt of your Ball Launcher you notice any transit damage or missing parts, it is your duty to report it to us within 1 hour


  • All customers are advised to follow the maintenance guidelines highlighted within the user and instruction manual 

Ball Launcher cannot be held accountable for fair use and wear including:

  • Customer damage
  • General scratches, scuffs and chips from fair use
  • Firing wheel rubber degradation (this will naturally occur over time, they are replaceable and typically have an 18-24 month lifespan)
  • General rubber degradation on trolley wheels
  • Natural battery degradation over time (your battery should operate at a peak capacity for a 2+ year lifespan and are replaceable)
  • Natural degradation of electronics within control panel over time (they are replaceable, and covered in our 12 month warranty)

Terms & conditions of returns and refunds:

  • If you receive your Ball Launcher, it remains unused and you no longer want it, refunds are only considered at the full discretion of Ball Launcher management
  • In this instance, the customer is responsible for any shipping costs and packaging arrangements in returning item/s safely and securely
  • A full inspection of any returned item/s occur at the Ball Launcher factory 

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