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Our range of Ball Launcher machines are firmly regarded as the premier football machines on the market, and for good reason. No matter the level, position or experience our machines elevate both the quality and enjoyment of training. From Premier League pros to youth academies, striker to goalkeeper, coach to parent - all are reaping the benefits. Find out what they have to say below.


Dwight Gayle (Stoke City)

"It's a great gadget for all levels  and aspects of football. Goalkeepers, defenders, attackers, midfielders, it tests all abilities in terms of touch, finishing and defending. I've been using it a lot during the off-season to keep myself sharp, I like to use it for finishing drills and the touch, it is very realistic to crossing during the game."

Rob Elliot (Ex Newcastle United and Watford)

"It's brilliant. Anything to help push the boundaries and help goalies, the consistency it brings is fantastic. From a goalkeeping point of view you can cover crosses, punching, saves, reactions and even silly things like top handed saves. It is such a hard skill to replicate for the goalie coaches to continuously hit the exact same target every time. It gives you something else in your armoury going into games, knowing you've covered even more bases than you normally would."

Jon Horton (Ex Wales Women's National Coach)

"Ball Launcher has been a fantastic addition to our training sessions, its added a new dynamic to what we can do regarding the consistency of our training and getting more coaching points in. Overall it's been brilliant and I would thoroughly recommend Ball Launcher for your team or club."

Scott Chalmers-Stevens (PSA Football Academy)

"We have a mixture of age ranges and abilities regularly attending our weekly academy sessions and we have found that the Ball Launcher gives us an interactive coaching tool that really supports the speed of our player development. The crossing and finishing drills we do with the outfield players have gone down particularly well."

Adam Collin (Ex Pro and GK academy owner)

"From both the viewpoint of a 1st team goalkeeper for a professional football club and the owner of an academy developing young goalkeepers, the variety of different types of service, ball flights and speeds is excellent. It's a great tool for both training and coaching with."

Brian Lewis (Beaconsfield Town Youth Secretary)

"We have over 10 different age groups of players and the Ball Launcher has been a fantastic addition to the club. The older players have tended to use it for corner and set piece practice and the younger players have focused on developing touch, technique and control. It is an extremely versatile machine suitable for coaching and training all ages. The players love using it and the sessions are highly productive for the coaches."

Laura O'Sullivan (Wales Women's #1 GK)

"The quality of service you can get with the Ball Launcher is hard to replicate, I would definitely recommend it. If you are going to use any kind of equipment, this is the best way to get repetition and consistency. It's not everyday you can get the perfect deliveries coming in and with Ball Launcher you can get the repetition in your drills to become a better player."

Peterhead Soccer Schools Club

"The ball launcher is as good on day one as it is now and ticks every box, from very young kids, to older kids to adults this machine does the lot. This machine just took a matter of minutes to master and the power from this machine is phenomenal. What ever you want a ball to do, then this machine does it. The ball launcher is in another league when build quality, performance and price compare to a like for like machine. I would have no hesitation in recommending this machine to any organisation as this is a great training and coaching product."

Brett Greenwood (Parent)

"As a parent of 3 lively young boys, who seem to love football more than life itself, I decided to buy the Ball Launcher to give them the best possible start in the sport they so love. Since I purchased it their progression has been simply astonishing. With the Ball Launcher there is no more waiting for daddy to kick the ball in to the same spot so that they can perfect each technique, the Launcher puts it right where you want it every time, accelerating their progress much faster than traditional methods.

The boys are all out field players and with the Ball Launcher we often practice controlling the ball from the air (stationary and on the move), Headers and volleys from all angles and much more and as an example they were hitting around 2 in 10 volleys at first and now are consistently hitting around 8 in 10. My eldest is now top scorer in his team and has been made team captain and the others are heading in the same direction.This has all happened since we have been using the ball launcher.

It is very easy to transport and to use and is also a lot of fun for all of us all, with the boys always asking me to get the Ball Launcher out… Put quite simply this is a great product, good value for money and will help to get the best out of anyone who uses it!"

Jason Pyott (Head Coach at PTEFA Academy)

"The Ball Launcher has been a real asset to our training and coaching. I did a fair amount of research on ball machines before finding, deciding upon and purchasing the Ball Launcher and it certainly lives up to everything we expected. It immediately stood out to me, as I know from my own business what quality engineering is, and this machine represents fantastic value for money. A great purchase."